Food and the Hungry author/Edible Stieg Larsson: RECIPE: Swedish meatballs

This post is in conjunction with my friend Ariadne’s blog, where she reviews literature in some very funny themed blog posts. If you want to know what to read, Ariadne will show you the way. She’s written a post on food in books and I’ve created some recipes to go with her reviews. This first post is about her comments on the Millenium trilogy (so good!).

I only recently (as in, tonight!) finished reading Stieg Larsson’s acclaimed series of books, and I’ve seen the Swedish film version of ‘Men who Hate Women’ (published in the US and UK as ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’). It was an excellent film, made slightly awkward by the fact that I was watching it with my dad (there’s a lot of graphic sex…), who is an ardent fan of the books and has been pushing me to read them from the moment he picked up the first one. And I finally did! I needed a new series to get stuck into after finishing the Jasper Fforde books…(even worse in terms of food and diet…the characters pretty much survive on Battenberg cake).

While discussing the Stieg Larsson books with me, Ariadne mentioned “the only thing I can remember them eating is sandwiches!” (Salander pretty much exclusively eats cheese and pickle). And of course, Billy’s Pan pizza and lots and lots of coffee (Larsson apparently modelled Blomkvist after himself, and apparently the writer was absolutely addicted to coffee). Quite frankly if I drank half as much coffee I’d be weeing all the time, not fighting prostitution rings.

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