My week in breakfast

I thought it might be fun to write up my week in food – I love reading articles with that theme, as it satisfies that inherently curious/nosey part of me that’s interested in what people get up to, and it can provide mealtime inspiration as well. Instead of all my meals and snacks, however, I’ve put together my week in breakfast for the previous week.

I typically have a lighter breakfast (though not always), and this tendency has been exacerbated by my relatively recent weight loss regime, as I prefer a more substantive dinner. I have however experimented with having heavier and/or more protein-rich breakfasts as protein in the morning apparently keeps you fuller, and this has usually worked well for me. I do find that surprisingly small portions keep me going until mid afternoon for much longer than I’d expect if I add something like a tablespoon of almond butter to enrich them.


Bacon, eggs, toast - not a typical weekday meal
Bacon, eggs, toast – not a typical weekday meal

This isn’t a typical weekday breakfast for me, but we had a few rashers of leftover good-quality bacon in the fridge, and I occasionally have eggs in the morning as I’m trying to increase my protein intake, so I decided to put the bacon to good use. The slice of wholemeal bread is unbuttered and perfect for dipping into the egg yolk – I have the yolk as runny as humanly possible.


I have a mug of black tea with a teaspoon of honey every morning.


An egg, prosciutto, toast. Imagine the tea
An egg, prosciutto, toast. Imagine the tea

Similar to Monday’s breakfast, but with the last egg in the fridge…and this time making good use of some leftover prosciutto a friend brought us when she came round. (I have good friends).


A chocolate smoothie - spinach hidden
A chocolate smoothie – spinach hidden. And tea

Smoothies are all the rage, though I struggle to drink those kale, blueberry and maca powder concoctions so praised for their health benefits. Although this recipe does contain the usual suspects like spinach and coconut water, it’s cleverly disguised as a chocolate smoothie (using raw cacao powder, of course). The flavour is very good; it tastes rich, creamy and indulgent, despite not containing any dairy and, most shockingly to a smoothie sceptic like myself, it did actually keep me full until lunchtime, probably because of the addition of almond butter and chia seeds. The only sweetener in this is a banana – I let mine get very ripe indeed before using and this was sweet enough for me, but you could add a little maple syrup or honey to taste if you prefer it a little sweeter. I based this on a recipe found on Gym Bags and Glad Rags and have made it many times. My version below.

Spinach and coconut water chocolate smoothie

  • 1 banana
  • 20-30g baby leaf spinach (the more spinach you use, the less chocolatey it will taste and the muddier it will look. I prefer 20g)
  • 10g raw cacao powder (about 2 TBS if you can’t be bothered with the scales. I use the Bioglan brand of cacao powder)
  • 6g chia seeds (1 TBS)
  • 1 TBS smooth almond butter
  • 120ml unsweetened coconut water
  1. Put all of the ingredients together in your blender and mix until smooth.


Granola topper from Graze
Granola topper from Graze

Not the most virtuous breakfast in the universe. I got a trial of Graze boxes and this Maple and Pecan Granola Topper was in there. I picked at this during the morning on Thursday as I was working from home. Normally this wouldn’t be enough to see me through the day, but because I had a more substantive cooked lunch it was all right. This is a very delicious, classic flavour combination. It would be nice on vanilla yoghurt for a more substantive breakfast.


Ryvita fruit vrunch and almond butter
Ryvita fruit crunch and almond butter

Two currant, seed and oat Ryvita crispbreads and a tablespoon of almond butter (plus tea). The wholegrains in the Ryvita slices and the protein in the almond butter kept me going for longer than I would have thought, but I did need a mid-morning snack. It’s also a little dry!


Rice cakes and avocado
Rice cakes and avocado

If all goes well on a Saturday morning I’ve hopped – or crawled – out of bed and gone straight to the gym. This late, post-workout breakfast of three plain rice cakes and an avocado was nibbled off my lap (hence the background) while watching TV and recovering from my exertions. Annoyingly I didn’t have any citrus fruit in the house when I prepared this, so I just sprinkled the avocado with salt and Tabasco sauce. A little lime juice would have made it perfect.


More Ryvita!
More Ryvita!

More of the currant, oat and seed Ryvita, with almond butter, but sweetened and lubricated with a little strawberry jam. It’s definitely much more delicious with the jam. It was quick and easy, which is handy as I try and go to a local Pilates class on Sunday, and it starts at 10am.

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